It will take time for this community to heal from recent tragedies. This call center was generously donated by Evolve IP for six weeks to connect people with compassion and expertise to those in the 805 who need to talk.

We Need You
Are you a licensed therapist who wants to help? Complete this form, then you’ll receive a link to a signup form where you can select any 2 hour time slot from 10 am to 10 pm Pacific time that works with your schedule. The center stops taking calls at 7:30 pm. Volunteer counselors will receive a weekly email with a link to sign up for any shifts that work for them from January 15 to the end of February 2018.

How it Works
This is a virtual Call Center. Volunteer counselors sign in on a computer, phone or tablet by web browser. At the beginning of your shift, just text the number you prefer to use and the Shift Manager will log you in. While signed in, calls will be routed to you. When a call is complete, another caller will be sent. No caller will be able to see your name or telephone number. You may share any information with callers you like, but your privacy is guaranteed. First names work great. If counselors are busy, callers will have the option to receive a call back when someone is available.

Privacy Guaranteed
It’s important that callers feel safe sharing their thoughts. No calls will be listened to. No calls will be recorded. No personal information will be shared. This is a safe space for you to use your skills, listening and compassion to help this community start to heal, and remain anonymous.

Please Share
We have a lot of slots to fill, please share this opportunity with your communities.

Special Positions
On-call Counselors are needed in the event that a shift isn’t covered, a counselor cancels or several calls come in at one time. Interested? Let us know.