The decision to start taking care of yourself is an important first step. There are many ways to heal…mindfulness, meditation, connecting with nature, and talking are some popular options.

Getting Help by Phone

Have you thought of ending your life?  Call here first. National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255 (24 hours a day).  

Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness hotline 1-888-868-1649  (24 hours a day, English and Spanish).

Getting Help in Person

If you feel you might have PTSD, there are some counseling techniques that can be effective with as little as one or two sessions with a trained therapist.  Or maybe talking to someone on a regular basis will help you work through your issues.  Counseling doesn’t need to be long-term, the goal is to give you tools you need to reduce suffering. Click here for the 805 Counselor Directory, of some of the compassionate counselors who donated their time to help the 805 community.

The Veteran’s Administration has a great smart phone app for PTSD.


Do you have insurance?  If you don’t, you can still get help, many counselors offer sliding scales, as low as $40 per session. If you Medi-Cal or Medicare, Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness can help you, learn more here.  If you have private insurance, you are not eligible for these services.

Local Family Counseling Centers

Family Therapy Institute of Santa Barbara

Community Counseling and Education Center

CCEC provides affordable sliding-scale, bilingual therapy for individuals, couples, families, teens and children dealing with a wide range of issues. We work with each client to match them with one of our 20 therapist trainees and associates who are all supervised by licensed clinicians. We also work with each client to determine their fee taking multiple aspects into account. Our goal is to ensure every client has access to high quality mental health services and individual circumstances can be addressed in the intake process.
To begin receiving services it is best to schedule a phone intake online at


Family Service Agency

New Beginnings